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Today Beth Palmer and Don Orr carry on tradition under the farm name of Remlap d'Or Belgians and use the prefix “Remlap” for all their horses bred and raised. To further strengthen the legacy Beth’s sister Barb (Secretary for the Canadian Belgian Horse Association) and husband Keith (Piney) Meyers and family “Remlap Pinebar Belgians" use the prefix “Remlap” as well.

The prefix   “REMLAP” Carries on!

A few “Remlap” names producing strength to pedigrees at present: Remlap Spike, Remlap Scott, Remlap Chip Du Marais, Remlap Ace Design, Remlap Jack Daniels, Remlap Constance Edie Johne, Remlap Bannergirl Colby, Remlap Constance Jillian, Remlap Amos, Remlap Coleddie, and many more.

The prefix   REMLAP is PALMER reversed - started by Beth’s Grandparents John Wesley & Gladys Palmer Richmond Hill Ontario.

The interest Beth shows in horses being encouraged by her late father - Doug Palmer - plus the fact her Grandfather and Great grandfather had a keen eye and love for the Percheron horse, and the Standardbred Race Horse. 

The prefix Remlap started in the 70’s,  J W Palmer (Beth’s Grandfather) raised a Standardbred colt and named the colt “Mr Remlap”.   “Mr. Remlap’s” destiny was to be a show horse in the Roadster Division under the capable hands of Ross Thomas of Smithville, with Ross’s noted chirp the crowd enjoyed this horses ability to perform at the trot, cut corners and show with style not to be matched.   “Mr. Remlap” an ever popular winner at the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto for many years.

Both Don & Beth had the opportunity to be coached by Doug, traveling to sales in the winter and attending numerous fairs in the spring summer and fall.  The string of horses consisted of 100 head of Belgians taking up to 25 horses to a large show or 6 to 12 to a one day show.  The expectation of winning was never discussed, it was understood hard work provided reward.  The majority of work and training was done at home.  The main  desire was to achieve perfection in the appearance of the animal and its performance.  If you did not have those desires you were not part of the team.

A wealth of knowledge was obtained attending Horse Sales, studying pedigrees and the in depth discussions that took place on the long ride home.   Today that knowledge attributes to the fine stock produced at Remlap d Or Belgians.

The name “Remlap” continues, Breeding Quality for the Future.

On a personal note...

The Belgian Mounted Brigade.

Yes, Beth has taken up riding Remlap Dimitri!  A group of seven ladies have practiced and now perform at local fairs and exhibitions riding to music putting their Belgian Horses under English or Western Saddle through their paces creating a precision drill team ride.  The ride is very well received by spectators as they are amazed at the versatility, grace, and size of these gently giants.

We are looking for more interested riders of Belgian Horses, so give me a call if you wish to have fun and ride a Belgian.